Thursday, December 1, 2011

The 8BitV-Cast: Episode THREE! (Special Edition)

Hello, dear readers!

I take deep pride in announcing that Episode 3 of The 8BitV-Cast is ready to tickle your eardrums like a feather at a foot convention.

Unlike our last episodes, though, this is our SPECIAL EDITION 8BitV-Cast ROUNDTABLE!

Me, along with my intrepid buddies Jobot and Kender, explore a variety of topics in the gaming world with The 8-Bit Variety Show's trademark wit and sarcasm!

As always, Best O' The Bleeps is here with two new songs of considerable pulchritude:

Gerudo Valley, by Koji Kondo from "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" - Performed by the Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony and Choir

Drake's Elegy, by Greg Edmonson from "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" (Reader Recommendation from our pal Frankie!)

A huge thanks to all of you for listening, and let me know what you think! Do you like the group-style discussion better, or is it too busy? Do you want more open talk, or should we stick with a more structured feel?

Also, if you have any song recommendations for Best O' The Bleeps, please send them my way! We'd love to feature them, and share gaming music with the world!

DOWNLOAD HERE for those who'd rather.



  1. What are these PS3 framerate issues for Skyrim? I've never experienced any issues on the PS3 and I know the bugs exist, but I haven't had anything janky happen either, so....I guess I'm lucky.

  2. @Fmercado - from what I have read, the longer you play the game, the larger your save file gets and the game's framerate can start to suffer. One reason offered by a dev from Obsidian (not officially related to the Skyrim game, but they were the ones who made the rather buggy Fallout: New Vegas) was because the memory of the PS3 works differently than the 360. His theory was that because the PS3 uses 256 memory for video and 256 for actual system processes, the PS3 is less flexible than the 360 which uses a single 512 process. Not sure if that's accurate, but it might explain why New Vegas ran so much more poorly for my PS3 than my friend's 360.

    - To your topics:

    * I have never really liked the GTA series, and like you - the trailer for GTA 5 just did not really pique my interest

    * $50 seems too much for the RE game for the 3DS

    * Bethesda - I love their games, but I agree completely that they need to fix their bugs. These huge games are just asking for trouble, though. Interesting comments on New Vegas too - I liked it, until a game-breaking glitch ruined it for me after 40 hours in.

    * Title Fight: could be fun, but it seems to lack the 'cute' factor of the Smash Bros. game my younger two kids love so much. And yeah, some of the characters seem 'odd choices' - and don't seem like they would match up well. Though, Samus vs. Jigglypuff seems like a potential imbalance too. ;)

    * "Shivering Isles on Coke" had me laughing my ass off, as did the reference to the NES zapper/helmet reference

    * Steam sales kill me. LOL I spend way too much on them.

    Overall, the v-cast was thoroughly amusing - especially some of the banter near the end with you and Kender (poor single guy). Was this more fun for you since you had people to chat with while doing it?

    Was it a bit harder for you as well? I imagine when you record this with just yourself, you can recut pieces if you need to (do you do that? record in sections and blend it together at the end) - here it was a single long session, right?

    Where do you prefer getting your comments at BitNick? Here? Forum? We need to liven up the forum. :)

  3. I always love the v cast, but it was super fun to do the round table! I hope everyone thought it was as much fun as I did. :)

  4. @Jobot - it sounded like you three were having a good time - glad we got to 'meet' you, so to speak. :)

  5. @Fmercado
    I think that Chalgyr sums it up nicely in the post below you. As you move more pencils, leave more cups on tables and in corners, kill more enemies, throw more items into the woods, etc. the save file has to get bigger to keep track of all the minute changes you've made to the world. In doing so, the memory channel gets overwhelmed (since it's smaller), and lag sets in.


    Glad you got a kick out of the roundtable approach! It was a lot of fun to just be able to shoot the breeze about game topics and see where it went, but like you pointed out, it leaves little space for editing. Every present had such a strong dynamic that the lack of conversational lulls was both a blessing, and a curse.

    Re: New Vegas - A game-killing bug killed your New Vegas buzz 40 HOURS in?! That's horrible, man! With every subsequent hour of investment, it becomes harder and harder to decide to start over again if something like that happens. My deepest condolences.

    Hey... Why aren't we Steam friends? We've been game blog compatriots for over a year now, so I think we need to get this going. :)

    Glad to have you there, Jo! Seems like the listeners liked to have you around, too, so that's a plus!It was a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to doing it again soon!

  6. @BitNick - yeah, it was an annoying bug with New Vegas. There is a chip you get quite a ways in, and I happened down a rather odd path apparently where you give it to one dude, and he's supposed to hand it right back so you can finish the quest line out. Problem was, he didn't do it. Turns out, it was a bug and Obsidian fixed it - but it only fixed it going forward - it had no ability to retro-fix it. So... that was it for me at that point, and I quit playing, LOL.

    Good question on the Steam thing. I should add you on Wii too - that code I at least see on here - I didn't see a Steam ID. What is it? or you can just add me - Chalgyr - same as I use on PSN and Xbox Live. :)

  7. Sooooo, as I mentioned in podcast 4, my other comment here did not appear, which means that I probably closed the tab late that night, thinking I had already hit submit and/or forgot to type the security code!

    Confession! I am self-diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. When I'm on the PC, I usually have two tabs open for schoolwork, and multiple other tabs from when I get distracted(currently 10 tabs open as I type this).
    So, with that being said, I actually prefer the single person format for "news", just because it helps me concentrate easier on what is being said by one person, and not having to rewind as much when the conversation gets going/changes as can happen with multiple people talking about a news piece. I just find it easier to follow "news" topics with one person talking.

    Now, I have participated/hosted podcasts with others, and I think having others for discussions/conversations is good as well. So perhaps a mix of "news" and "discussions", with one/multiple people? Maybe have certain people talk about different news pieces?

    Anywho, as for the RE:R, if you're interested in the game, watch for it to be listed at $39.99 for pre-order, as they have had it in the past, and maybe it will happen again.

    As for Steam, I have an account, because that Chalgyr guy was trying to make me not complete my New Year's resolution by having a giveaway on his I had to create a Steam account, and had another game added to my backlog.
    My Steam name is CoffeeWithGames.


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