Thursday, December 8, 2011

The 8BitV-Cast! Episode FOUR!

Can you believe it?! Another week has come and gone, and with it's blood we have given life to another episode of The 8BitV-Cast!

I've attempted to integrate all the feedback that I've been given inasmuch as I have the power to control the particular item in question (for the last time, I don't know why your iPod is jealous of your girlfriend), but I'm always open to suggestions! If there's something you'd like to see, let me know and I'll see if it works.

That said, in this episode of The 8BitV-Cast!:
  • We talk about 3DS updates and Xenoblade Chronicles
  • We explore some lesser-known music from big franchises!
  • We hear from Epic Games and the creator of Rayman
  • ...and we do it all with our trademark wit and charm!
Have a listen, and let me know your thoughts!

Thanks so much for supporting The 8BitV-Cast! as it got off the ground, and if you like it, I hope you'll tell other people about it, too!

DOWNLOAD, for those who'd rather.



  1. Only podcast I'm listening to with any regularity, but I am in fact enjoying it.

    - 3DS: update sounds great. *whines* I should really break down and get one after Christmas. :P The unsavory things done w/ action figures? Immediately made me think of Team America.

    - I was super happy to hear about Xenoblade Chronicles. I don't really care about Pandora's Tower, but I would love to see Last Story, just like you. Seems like it is a natural to come over, and Big N can't be so stupid as not to bring it over, can they?

    *** Woot! You pronounced it right the first time with the hard Ch sound like Church. My online MUD has people who always seem to guess it wrong, so you got it first try. Thanks for the props! I love poking over here - so that gave me a big grin. :D

    - Interesting song choices. I keep up on the FF series and have all of their soundtracks pretty much, ever - and I really liked this second song in particular. :)

    - That was my eyelid! LOL

    - I agree with your thoughts on the video game medium in general, but I've been invested in it for a long time now and it engages me more than any other medium. In an interesting parallel, the inability of media to adapt to the times sort of reminds me of

    - I do NOT disagree with your take on those quotes from Michel Ancel at all. I don't really see what Michel was driving at honestly, with the comparison and contrast between himself and Miyamoto.

    It was a fun podcast. :)

  2. I've heard of that Chalgyr's GameRoom. The guy that runs it plays an INCREDIBLE amount of games, and the running theory is that he gets paid to play them...though it seems to be denied.(I realized my comment is not on the 3rd podcast! 20 tabs open at once, probably closed the wrong one thinking I hit submit!)

    As for the 3DS update, I'm glad to see the recording added, but the fact I still can't see a "Total" amount of hours for players in a specific region like the Wii shows through the Nintendo Channel, is a bummer for me.
    Nintendo would have sold ONE more 3DS unit already if they would make that happen on the system, and my one unit could keep them profitable...just saying Nintendo, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

    As for the Final Fantasy song it just reminded me of another series I have never played, though Mrs. Coffee is a fan of the series and has enjoyed some of the games. I think X-2 was her last one to play.

    Mike Capps is in my area, and I missed him give a speech at a local game incubator last year, because of school; but Epic is the biggest developer in our area, and it's interesting how Capps got his start in the industry.

    As for Ancel on Miyamoto...Nintendo/Miyamoto really haven't changed stories that much.
    Mario games = Princess kidnapped by Bowser, rescue Princess
    Metroid games = Samus loses all her equipment/upgrades, gets them back on way to dispel enemy from universe
    Zelda - pretty much the same as Mario, rescue princess, but instead of platforming...adventure/rpg-ish settings.

    So on the storytelling front, I do agree with Ancel.

    As for the Ancel quote though, like many "news" organizations that report with sensational titles like "Ape & Monkey Together = Awesome Game!", most sites that reported on it didn't really provide the full interview, in which Ancel says who he thought the "French" Miyamoto should be(or at least the proper comparison and why). When sites see the name "Miyamoto" followed by "I am not.", it's perfect for drumming up a false story/conversation that really isn't there.

    You can read the full interview at:

  3. @coffee - LOL. While I do work with a software company, I do defend my stance that I'm not a professional game tester. Though my played games list for Dec and Jan could be ridiculous.

    I would love a 3DS - just haven't gotten one yet. Waiting on the Vita and seeing their ridiculous memory card prices (there's a good topic to Bit-slap, BitNick) has me thinking i may not grab one on release though.

  4. "While I do work with a software played games list for Dec and Jan could be ridiculous."
    The jury is not convinced!

  5. Fantastic podcast, as always BitNick. I tend to stay away from podcasts, but this one is MORE than worth my time and a bag of chips to catch each week.

    Anyhow, I got pretty giddy at the news of Xenoblade Chronicles hitting NA, especially since it makes the idea of Pandora's Tower and The Last Story coming over that much more plausible. MY WII NEEDS MORE GREATNESS IN ITS LIBRARY, I TELL YOU!

    I also really enjoyed Best of the Bleeps today. I would be willing to argue that Professor Layton brings one of the greatest soundtracks we've ever seen in gaming to the table. And I never did play FF X-2, but I was familiar with the song, and thought that piano rendition was mind-blowing with how great it sounded.

    Great podcast, sir! I'll be tuning in for the next one, to be sure :)

  6. @ Chalgyr
    Man, it is time for you to get a 3DS! Being the frightening, sallow-skinned monster that I am (a huge portion of which I blame on school), I am not a huge fan of anonymous multiplayer. Sure, it can be fun on occasion, but the fact is that playing a game with someone you know, is a vastly superior experience. That said, Resident Evil Revelations looks like it is going to have some interesting multiplayer components, and I need another available 3DS friend to play it with come February! :)

    Here's to hoping that NOA is smart enough to see the potential in The Last Story... I'll begin making shitake sacrifices to my Reggie shrine tomorrow morning.

    Glad to hear I got the pronunciation correct! You definitely deserved a shout-out for your constancy in giving feedback on The 8BitV-Cast! Maybe in the future, I can do even more...

    As a fellow game music connoisseur, keep enjoying and keep the recommendations coming! I want to do the podcast as often as possible from here on out, so I need more Best O' The Bleeps!

    It sort of reminds you of.... WHAT?! Don't leave me hanging!

    Glad that I'm not the only one that though Ancel was trying to draw a line of demarcation through a territory that didn't actually exist. Not that he's not a great developer in his own right, but I feel like he's needlessly attempting to set himself up as some sort of anti-Miyamoto, which is ridiculous.

    Thanks, as usual, for listening!

    @ Coffee

    You know, as time goes on I trust that Chalgyr less and less... He DOES seem to have an inordinate amount of games going through that place of his.

    I can totally understand your frustration with the 3DS not having the same capabilities that the Nintendo Channel has had for years. It seems a bit ridiculous considering the comparable power and connectivity of the two systems. Still, if The Louvre can afford 5,000 3DS's, the massive CoffeeWithGames empire can surely afford one. :)

    So, Mrs. Coffee is a gamer, eh? I know that you guys were playing DKCR together, but I wasn't sure if that was just one of those franchises that had a special place in her heart, or if co-playing video games was a regular occurrence around the Coffee house (ha! The Coffee House... You need to name something on your site The Coffee House).

    Capps seems like a pretty smart guy. He's not perfect, but he's got some interesting insights. It would have been cool to see him speak in person!

    No sane person could disagree that Nintendo hasn't moved storytelling forward significantly in their key franchises, but my issue is with Ancel's idea that story really isn't a focus of Miyamoto's development process. Depending on who you ask, there are only 6 basic types of narrative out there, so that means that NO ONE is truly original. If that's the case, then although the goal may be the same in Nintendo's key franchises, it's the journey, the stuff that happens BETWEEN points A and B, that creates novelty in narrative. In that regard I feel like it is a tragedy to sum up the original Legend of Zelda and LoZ: Skyward Sword with the same five word summary when you consider the much more active, much less helpless role that Zelda fulfills in the latter. My point is that sure, Miyamoto may not be Dickens, but Ancel sure ain't no Tolstoy, either.

    Thanks for the comments, guys! I really appreciate your support!


  7. @ Danny Dawmination

    Thanks for listening, man! It's great to have some fresh feedback!

    I was excited to hear the Xenoblade Chronicles news for the same reason you were: I may not be as interested in Xenoblade itself, but it could be the precursor of other unlocalized gems from the distant Orient. The Last Story is so close I can taste it...

    Glad you like Best O' The Bleeps as well! Professor Layton is just one of my favorite current franchises, and the music only makes it more so. Every song in that series is atmospheric, beautiful, and vaguely European. That's good. Also, the FFX-2 piano album is INCREDIBLE, so I highly recommend it for good thinking music.

    Glad to have another loyal listener! Tell your friends to listen in, too! After all, the bigger the podcast gets, the more interesting offers I'll receive, like the one I got a few days ago... But that's a story for our next episode!

    Also, thanks for the recommendations you left in our forums! I'll give them a listen, and see if they're fit for broadcast!



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