Tuesday, November 8, 2011

8BitVS Presents: The 8BitV-Cast - Episode One!

Well everyone, the grand moment is here: Welcome to Episode One (you know... like the "Star War") of The 8BitV-Cast!

It's a little longer than it will be normally (coming in at just over 24 minutes) because I'm explaining each of the segments this time around. Don't worry; I'll refrain from bending any ears or blathering more than is needful in the next episode, and with that, I should be able to trim the flabby, out of shape, pants-splitting Episode One, into a taut, sexy, "underwear-optional" Episode Two!

Also, I'm working on a much more elegant hosting solution (which includes hand-coding my own XML for an RSS 2.0 and Atom feed) for this podcast than the one I'm being forced to use now, but while I am working on that, I wanted to get this up and get YOUR FEEDBACK!

For your convenience, you can either listen on the embedded player below, or you can download the episode for your media player of choice HERE.

Now, without further ado...



  1. Nice intro!

    Wow, kind of interesting you covered the Interplay/Bethesda issue. I have been following that for a few years now, and from what I gather, Interplay "sold" the Fallout rights for future games, but retained the rights for the older games already published by them, and also the rights for the online Fallout game that they are/were to publish.

    Twilight Princess, finished it once and never looked back! Still in my collection though...
    Skyward Sword thoughts; *glances at draft sitting around for many months!

    I have never played a Professor Layton game, but the music sounded very professional and high quality. Just kind of surprised me for a DS game.

    As for the last segment, Bit Slaps, I enjoy healthy discussions on crazy quotes.

    Great job on piecing it all together, great first podcast!

  2. Loved the podcast! I found it both informative and entertaining. A great listen for many reasons.. It's great to listen the the 8bitvs on my phone while I drive. It will make getting to work something I can stomach. Keep up the good work Bitnick!

  3. Good stuff - I'll admit I don't usually listen to podcasts in general, but I plan to try and make sure to follow along while you do this.

    I believe coffee's explanation of the Interplay/Bethesda suit is correct - at least that was my understanding of it. Bethesda lost on the whole 'Scrolls' thing too. Their lawyers must be feeling pretty rough these days.

    Never played Twilight. Keep meaning to pick it up and go, just haven't yet. My son had it for the Gamecube and he beat it 2 or 3 times, but then it got all scratched up and shot.

    As someone who has assembled a fairly sizable video game collection, I could appreciate the music portion of the show. Keep up the good work and good luck getting that paid advertisement to fill in the beginning. ;)

  4. I loved this post!! I think you did a great job with the various bits, but I am also a huge fan of video game music. :) I just about pooped my pants when I heard the song from Professor Layton!! Oh man, It sounds so good!! You made me jealous that I still haven't played it yet! Peter and I are still debating on which games to get, but Skyward Sword is rapidly making its way up that list!
    Great Podcast, Brother!!

  5. Dude, this rocks!

    I was thinking about starting a podcast on NN but that would mean I would have to get a half decent microphone.

    Anyway, great work on the first podcast! Loved the Specter's Flute music. I agree with Coffee - the music is of high quality.

  6. @Coffee
    Oh! Now that you explain what was going on with the Bethesda/Interplay thing it makes... A little more sense. Still that seems like a massive oversight for a company like Bethesda, but contracts are contracts. It will be interesting to see whether Interplay has got what it takes for make a Fallout MMO that will compete in the modern gaming world.

    I am getting more and more excited for Skyward Sword! There are a lot of good titles slated for November, but I had the resources to pick just one... Hopefully my choice was a good one!

    Glad you liked the Layton music! I am IN LOVE with the Professor Layton series, and I have been shocked at the quality of the music in ever iteration. This was exactly what I hope would happen with Best O' The Bleeps; People exploring quality music they have never heard before!

    Thanks, as always, for the kind words, Coffee!

    Thanks for listening! We'll try to keep it up!

    I was never much of a podcast guy myself, but when the opportunity arose to get a nice mic and expand The 8-Bit Variety Show at the same time (for a school assignment, of course) I just had to jump at it.

    Yeah, I have a feeling that Bethesda's legal team is seeing some "reworking" after the two colossal defeats they have had in the past few months. Rough.

    As I said elsewhere, Twilight was actually quite a lot of fun. It wasn't a revolution, but the wolf/Midna mechanics added something and shook up a few of the more traditional aspects of Zelda. Are you planning on getting Skyward Sword?

    Glad you like the music! It's one of my favorite things about video games, so it's fun to share it amongst ourselves.

    Hey, if you're interested in sponsoring an episode while I try to get Audio-Technica on the hook, just drop a check in the mail... ;)

    I thought that the new Layton song would get you... Pleased to hear that it had the bowel-loosening effect I had hoped for. :)

    Thanks, man! I'm really glad you liked it! The mic was the only significant cost for me (since I made my own pop filter and used open-source audio mixing software - Audacity), but I can understand your hesitance. Still, if you made a podcast, you could count on me to listen!

    Glad you liked the music, too! Sounds like Specter's Flute was a hit!

    Thanks to everyone for listening! You are all FANTASTIC!


  7. @8-Bit - LOL Um, yeah... sponsorship, *sends Monopoly money*

    Skyward - I'm sure I will, but probably not right away. I've been holding off on all game purchases lately - though some of those Black Friday deals are going to do me in. :P


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