Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The 8BitV-Cast - Episode TWO!

It's that time of week again, and The 8BitV-Cast is lean, rested, and better than ever!

With your invaluable feedback from last week, I've made a few minor changes to the quality and the format that I think have made the show a little easier to listen to.

Fair warning, though... I was feeling a little bit looser, and therefore chattier, so hopefully you like my "broadcast" voice. I'm willing to read ANYTHING that way for a small fee, so please send all invitations for me to read books, cards, and blogs to the comments below (or my e-mail address, if the subject matter is more intimate).

DOWNLOAD, for those who'd rather.

As before, I would love your input on the show! Please tell me what you liked, didn't like, etc. so I can continue refining The 8BitV-Cast!

Yours in gaming,



  1. Venus and Braves was originally released as a PS2 title. It was recently re-released for the PSP with added content and characters from the Tales of series. This got me super excited for the chance of finally having a domesticated version of Venus and Braves, but alas, it has yet to happen. Boo!

    I think a Mass Effect Rewrite isn't necessarily a bad thing. I think it shows how narrative is important to the Bioware staff as well. If a game is completely ruined this far away from release, it is also a big problem fiscally. These releases (demos and info) are timed so that it piques the interest of people appropriately. Now that all the beans are spilled it won't have as much impact and thus effecting the bottom line. I myself have the faith in the writers of Mass Effect and i think they can turn out another good story. As long as it doesn't effect the release date. This could also be a good opportunity to release a director's cut! Or possibly it could just mean more branching story possibilities in the final release.

  2. I enjoyed flying woolly mammoths

    As you began talking about the story leak? I initially thought the EXACT same thing: why rewrite? I mean, if the story was the best effort, I don't want to risk they move some parts around and possibly disjoint the narrative just to avoid having players reading it first. Honestly? I'm avoiding it for that reason and if a player REALLY wants to ruin the story for themselves... my thought is: oh well?

    The World of Goo tune reminded me of something you'd hear in an RPG, especially with the drum/tupperware section in the middle. I did like both pieces, and like you had never heard of the PSP title, so that was a very cool suggestion imo.

    Fortune-telling in Bitslaps! :p

    Also, the PETA/Mario reference was awesome - glad to see you call them out a bit on their whole Mario Fans: Relax! bit.

    Crazy SHOULD be a currency! :P But your comments in here had me grinning and laughing at this part.

    All in all, fun to listen to again this week, nicely done. :)

  3. It's kind of interesting you used World of Goo's music, and mentioned 2d Boy.

    I know World of Goo was well received, but I've been wondering what they're up to now?
    That was 4+ years ago I think, and there just hasn't been much news since.

    Perhaps they made enough off of World of Goo, that they don't need to make anymore games...ever? Must be nice...

    "PETA...", LOL at the nice meaning you gave it.

  4. Oh, so that's what PETA stands for?

    Another great podcast, Nick! The World of Goo music worked really well!

    I agree with your opinions on the Mass Effect Rewrite - if it and broke why fix it? and PETA vs Mario - why damage a children's brand?

  5. Yeah, I had heard something similar to that for PETA in the past and that made me laugh to hear 8-Bit use that in his podcast.

  6. @fmercado
    Oh! I thought that it was ORIGINALLY a PSP title, but I'm glad to have it straightened out! If there's one thing in the world of gaming that will remain constant, it's that the games we want the most will remain unlocalized (I'm looking at you "The Last Story").

    I understand what you're saying with the Mass Effect 3 rewrite, but I still feel like there is the outside chance of throwing away a better narrative for a worse one, just for the sake of change. I still have faith in their incredible writing team, but it still feels like an equivocation.

    Glad you enjoyed the Mammoth joke! It was a little under-the-radar, after all...

    You, Chalgyr, are a man after my own heart on this Mass Effect 3 thing. As I said to FMercado, I have faith in Bioware's writers, but I feel like changing for the sake of changing isn't an advisable move.

    I thought that you would enjoy World of Goo. Venus and Braves was a bit of a surprise to me, but it's great!

    I was a bit amazed about the "fortune telling" portion myself, but I must admit... I'm feeling good about it!

    Now, it's funny YOU should mention that you were thinking about 2D Boy, and if they're ever going to publish another game again... I was recently having a conversation with Jo (of 8bitvs fame) on this precise topic! I know that WOG did well (and was a phenomenal piece of game-making), but I would hope that Gabler and Carmel would be wise enough not to rest on their laurels TOO much. I wonder if they'll ever make another game, too, and if they do, whether they were simply one-hit wonders.

    Ha ha! Glad to hear you liked the PETA thing.

    Ah! Another fan of the PETA bit... Glad to hear it!

    Had you ever hear the WOG music before? Did you get a chance to play the game?

    Also, thanks for the solidarity on the Mass Effect 3 thing. If people want to mess it up for themselves, it's their prerogative.




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