Thursday, October 20, 2011

Here We Go Again: An apology to, and an announcement for, our awesome readers

My Dear, Glorious, Patient Readers:

I realize how I have hurt you over the past month with the utter dearth of posts here on The 8-Bit Variety Show. School has ramped up for my last semester, and I have taken on a few extracirricular activities to strengthen up the ol' resume in anticipation of beginning a painful job search come graduation. As of this semester, I am the assistant editor of my university's entertainment magazine, I am doing an internship with the illustration department which is both game-related and OBJECTIVELY AWESOME (more on that later), and I'm balancing that with the other class responsibilities that I have (which include a law class, a lecture series, and a development for digital devices course).

Still, I come bearing good news! I BADLY want to be on here writing and enjoying your company; I have, in all honesty, missed it. Many of you have become my friends, and being the shameless attention-whore that I am, I like writing new things so people will look at me.

All those reasons considered, I have been trying to find a way to still take care of everything I need to (school, work, extracirriculars, that needy baby of mine), but make sure that there is new content here, at The 8-Bit Variety Show, and I think I found it.

One of my classes requires my producing a six-episode podcast , so I'm pleased to announce the birth of The 8BitV-Cast!, a podcast for the discriminating, genteel, mean-spirited gamers amongst us!

I have purchased a slightly expensive microphone in anticipation of the production, and it should arrive any day now. I will begin working on episodes within the week, and the first should be up quite soon.

I know that it's been a while since the last time we laughed together at either my expense, or the expense of others, but I would really appreciate your feedback about The 8BitV-Cast after the first show goes up.

JUST SO I AM TOTALLY CLEAR: I want to create something that I would actually want to listen to, and the best way to do that is to create something that you would actually enjoy listening to. In return for your feedback, I offer your reward in advance:

This pant-crappingly terrifying picture of Kirby, if he were to
eat No More Heroes protagonist, Travis Touchdown.

Help me 8BitVS friends and readers... You're my only hope!

                       Contritely, but sexily yours,



  1. Sorry to hear things are so busy, but that's great that you can do some gaming podcasts and get credit for them. BTW, what mic did you get? I got an AT2020 usb for work to record training videos and it's been great.

  2. Who can say no to those Kirby figures - of course I'll listen in. I don't listen to a lot of podcasting stuff - I generally prefer just reading but I'm eager to find out if you're as funny audibly as you are writing. :)

    Sorry to hear how busy things have gotten - that whole real-life thing sucks at times, doesn't it? I remember juggling wife, kids, classes, work, the campus newspaper (I went to college for sports journalism. Wound up doing tech support. huh, go figure) - and remember all too well how tiring the juggling act could be, but hang in there. You said last semester? So there's light at the end of the tunnel. :)

  3. @Anonymous

    Glad to hear that I could brighten your day! Welcome to The 8-Bit Variety Show!


    Thanks for the moral support, my friend. It sounds like you may know where I'm coming from in terms of living a busy life... Personal experience?

    In answer to your mic question: I actually went with an Audio Technica as well! I bought their new 2011 USB mic, the ATR2500-USB, and I'm impressed with the clarity! I was actually giving myself a crash course on equalizers so that I could fine tune the show, so we'll see how that goes... :) If only I knew that I already had a microphone expert in my readership, I would have asked your opinion!


    When it comes to podcasts, I'm the same as you, man. I generally don't have time to listen to podcasts (and prefer to read, rather than listen when I am unwinding), but there are a few things I have really wanted to try that are perfectly suited to a radio-style show! I suppose we'll see if this is a huge mistake, eh?

    I appreciate the understanding, Chalgyr. If I kept a diary, it sounds like you would have been reading straight out of it with your description of college life up there. Interesting that you went to school for sports journalism, though... I wouldn't have immediately pegged you for that! Also, a sports journalism major who runs a video game blog? That is something of a rarity in itself, or at least it is where I come from! Nonetheless, as you said, it is my last semester, and I am ALMOST THERE. In less than two months, I can walk out those doors with a degree in hand, then feed my youthful exuberance to whichever soul-crushing money machine will pay the most for it! Hooray! :)

    In all seriousness, though, I am really looking forward to having more time for everything, including The 8-Bit Variety Show. I want to spend more time on all of my internet-friend's blogs, too!

    Until then, I'm looking forward to your feedback on the first episode of The 8BitV-Cast!


  4. @BitNick - LOL - the sports journalism thing really seems to surprise people, but I was huge into sports all through high school and still follow the NFL and NBA really closely today (well, when there IS an NBA).

    It's like the friend who got me the job I have now. We used to play basketball and flag football - stuff like that in college. It wasn't until after I started here and he found out about the MUD I run, the D&D sessions I used to play and all of the video games I knock off, that he was like: Wow, always had you pegged as a bit more of a jock and a lot less of a nerd. You'll fit right in afterall. :P

    But I will definitely set aside some time and listen to your 8BitV-Cast and let you know what I think. Until then, hang in there and before long you'll escape those hallowed halls of knowledge for the soul-crushing money machi... *trails off* Sorry, that is not an especially motivating transition. Um, you'll be making money instead of paying it out? Yeah, that's more like it. :D


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