Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jo!

For my amazing, faithful readers, I have a few articles that are on their way to you soon. I hope that they shall slake your appetite for 8BitVS goodness, especially considering the famine I've put you through lately... One of the forthcoming posts actually addresses that issue, actually, so stay tuned!

That aside, the REAL reason I'm here today, though, is to wish my dear sister Jo (of 8BitVS fame) the Happiest of Birthdays! She's been a real trooper, and is actually part of the brain-trust that helped me conceptualize The 8-Bit Variety Show before it was even a twinkle in ol' BitNick's eye! For that, we owe her a debt of thanks (or wish a pox upon her house, depending on your outlook on my writing skills).

Anyway, I never thought I'd see the day, but Sweet Hitler's Handbag, she's 23 years-old!

Here is a picture of Hitler's afore-mentioned Handbag.
I photoshopped it in her honor.
So, today I raise my glass to you, Jo. Thanks for 18 great years together! ...What? Why only 18? Because, let's face it, you were pretty insufferable for the first five years of your life, that's why. I don't care if it's your birthday, either. It needed to be said.

Happy Birthday, Sister!
We love you!
(Readers: If you feel so inclined, feel free to leave your well-wishes in the comments, too!)

BitNick, Mrs. Bit, and Little Bit


  1. "So, today I raise my glass to you, Jo."
    Hear, hear. I'll raise a cup of coffee!

    Happy b-day and thanks for helping BitNick get 8BitVS up and going.

  2. Congratulations! Happy Birthday from Australia.

    @coffee - +1

  3. LOL - awesome. Happy Birthday Jo! :)


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