Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Time of Gaming Innocence: A Child's Mario Fanart

I just thought that I would share a picture that was given as a (Grand)Mother's Day gift to one of my co-workers. Her grandson, aged 5, wanted to draw her a picture of something he knew well, and after "working on it for three days", he had the picture scanned in by his parents, and sent to her.

The following image, posted with my co-worker's permission, depicts a level from Super Mario, her grandson's favorite game to watch his brother play.
I really recommend you click the image and enlarge it. You can't savor all the
details with the image at this size.
Now, I might be wrong, but I'm thinking that this kid's older brother is playing one of the Super Mario Galaxy games. I spy, for instance, some "Bullet Bills" peeking around the corners near the bottom, a few flaming meteors (Bowser's weapon of choice) midway up, and various space ships scattered around. These clues, as well as others, lead me to believe that this kid just created his first Super Mario Galaxy fanart.

Either that, or he's a five year-old kid. EVERYTHING has space ships when you're five years-old. The orphans in my drawings had photon torpedo blasters when I was five.

Nonetheless, that is some pretty awesome stuff up there. Like a good book, there are layers of meaning, and hidden characters to be discovered in this piece of Mother's Day love.

I hope that this picture, and the accompanying story, have warmed your hearts this "Mom's Day" week. At very least, I think that we can all remember a time when our love of gaming was so pure that it could only be expressed by drawing the images created by Kool-Aid fueled synapses snapping, unhindered, through our crazy little heads.

Do you see any characters or references in the drawing that we missed? Have any sweet memories of video game art as a child? Share them in the comments!



  1. Good post - I had commented once before before Blogger went nuts and ate everyone's posts and comments. Anyway - that's cute. I'm not picking out any details, but no Mario Galaxy for me. I never really did the drawing thing for games - but my youngest used to draw Sonic and Tails a fair amount.

  2. @Chalgyr

    Yeah, I even had a chance to see your comment right before Blogger ate it.

    At any rate, I appreciate your thoughts anyway. I'll bet the Sonic and Tails drawings were pretty adorable, in a "Does that hedgehog have birth defects?" kind of way... :)


  3. ROFL - yer not wrong. He wasn't actually *too* bad. No extra appendages and the color was about right. Not sure the head shape was what I would refer to as spot-on... :)

  4. Alright, now that Blogger appears to be situated a little(though still not fully restored!?), I definitely see some Bullet Bills in there.

    I bet if the little guy was to explain this to us, we would start seeing a lot more in it.
    I wonder if this is from SMG, or SMG2? I would go with SMG2, just because I think I know what some of it is, and I don't remember it from the first one.

    As for video game art as kid...I really can't recall any, though I wasn't exactly artistic growing up(or now).

  5. @Chalgyr

    Ha ha! That was about how my video game art was like when I was a kid. As you can see from my photoshop, it hasn't gotten much better since then... :)


    Yeah, the Bullet Bills definitely play a big part here. If we had the kid here to explain it, I think we would find this thing to be PACKED full of stuff. Still, lots of fun!

    Also, am I the only one who drew video game characters as a kid?


  6. @BitNick:
    I didn't draw a lot as a kid, but I recall drawing dinosaurs and jets a lot, and the occasional shark. Other than those, I don't recall much...not even video game stuff, but perhaps I have some drawings in a closet somewhere, waiting to be discovered and sold for MILLIONS one day!


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