Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Quick Update from BitNick...

I have been finishing my university finals for the past week or so, and I'll tell you... college finals are like a 3 day-old Ham Sandwich full of gunpowder: even if you survive, your head will be a mess.

Getting things done, figuring out my next semester of classes, going to work, and trying to enjoy the single week off I have had with Mrs. Bit and Little Bit have all created an atmosphere that was not conducive to writing for The 8-Bit Variety Show.

That said, I am working on a review of a game that has been under-reviewed, in my opinion, and it should be added to The Review Tank in the next day or two.

Thanks so much for your patience, and know that I feel really lucky and grateful to have a readership as awesome as all of you are!

As a peace offering for your patience, I offer you the following image of the Nintendo characters in a Brad Pitt and Edward Norton-esque Fight Club:

I think that Samus has an unfair advantage at a bareknuckle boxing match...
Thanks again for being so great, and keep your eyes peeled for our soon-arriving 8BitVS review!



  1. You are funny. :)
    Thanks for all you've done this week to help me out while Lucas is teething. You rock!

  2. Good stuff BitNick - good to see you're around and kicking. :) I for one, don't miss college, semesters or exams in the least. Looking forward to what you post, when you can post - hope you knock the end of the semester out of the park. see you around.

  3. Hmmm, comment vanish, the magic power of Blogger at work!

    I finished up my finals yesterday, with very little sleep over the last week.
    I passed out last night earlier than I wanted, and slept A LOT longer than I wanted; but that will result in a late night tonight, and some game time I'm hoping.

    I'm looking forward to The Review Tank when it's posted!

  4. This thing's giving me sass about posting comments. But That drawing is freaking epic!! I think all can be forgiven. :)


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